This Month's Releases:

This joint is a women's dunk Hi-Kicker. We do carry large sizes, but call quickly because they always move off the shelves. The colorway is ill, "by box" it reads as an Alabaster/Sail/Classic Colorway. By Nikk, it comes off as a yellow, blue, and concrete. I may cop a pair of these, definitely an ill sneaker for you University of Michigan fans. Tag is at $110. Catalog #325203 711

Next up, we have another women's jawn. This is the Court Force Hi-Kicker. Ill colorway yet again, this joint is also has some tweed on it for added flavor. The tag is set at a nice $70, once again call for availability. Catalog # 315114 141

Next up one of my personal favorites in the shop. Blazer uptop game, Mens, and it the colors are a light asphalt, Infared swoosh and laces, and a black and white bottom. Sickness, these remind me of the Nike SB FC's from a few years back. The tag is set at $110. Catalog # 318642 061

Next on the line up we have a Dunk Low, Mens, with some nice earth tones for the fall, werd. This joint is a, "by box," Reed, Boulder, Clay Green, and Chile Red colorway. These sorta give off that Peruvian Donkey ride vibe to me, like you could just be chilling in Sao Paolo with these. Tag is set at $80. Catalog # 318020 221

Right back at you with another Grey joint from Nike, this one is a Dunk High. These slightly resemble the Blazers that just showed you, with the exception of the slight twist on the toe. It boast a darker Grey that translates all the way up through the laces. Not only this, but if you look closely, the material is sort of a tweed/herringbone. That's kinda dope, Stick Sickly. Tag is set at $105. Catalog # 317892 061

Now some not so new joints, but still pretty dope.

This joint right here is my baby. I love the simplicity on this joint, just an Air Max with the different levels of Grey in it, slight pink highlights, and oh yea, A burned Gold on the swoosh. Sheesh! These joints are $80 American Bill Folds. Catalog # 307133 171

Another example of the stink Pinks Trainers from the Detroit Players. The Free's do however have some black to offset the grey and pink, as well as little bit of yellow on the inside. These joints are HELLA comfy too. The tag is at $120. Catalog # 316590 003

I feel like every Alpha in the city should have these joints, but I digress. These are some more Dunk Low sickness, with the Black and Maize colorway, and the hash on the laces only make them that much more sick. I would cop them, but I got bills and shit to pay...Still may not stop me however. Tag is set at $85. Catalog # 318020 071

More sickness,

These are the one of one joints that Bob's is known for. Every once and a while, we get an artist that wants to come in and drop a piece, and every time the piece comes out as certified Gold. These joints are FRSH! The black and white simplicity mixed with the Purple laces to heighten the capacity of dopeness. AND...

YES, those are musical notes on a scale! Insane! Now, since these are the one of ones, we gotta hike the price a bit. These joints are moving for $170 or the best offer given. Catalog # ~(Call for Details)

Next up, we have the Court Force Hi Kick. The colorway on these are supposed to resemble that of a basketball, and I think that this was done effectively. Not only this but the material slightly feels like a "Rock" too. How much are we taxing? Why, only $90 bones. Catalog # 313941 002

Finally, for this month we have the Neutral/Grey/Gum Sole joints! I don't know about you, but when I see gum bottom, I get excited. Not only does this have the gum sole and the ill colors...

Bit that shit is like Ostrich or something! Certified sickness, tag is set at $110. Catalog # 317892 011

WE DO TAKE PHONE ORDERS! Hit us up at 313.832.7513 for details, prices and sizes. Also if you have general sneaker inquires, as to what we may be getting as well as what other shoes we have in the store, feel free to hit us up.

Werd, Werd.

"Nikk the Intern"