Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What to expect come August 16th

Here are some drops to expect next month/middle of the month:

White and Black Air Max '90s. Wmns. White/Black

One of many out of what I'm affectionately calling the "Skittles Pack." Various Court Force Highs and Lows, all solid colors, all different. These are the red ones that we will be getting.

Nike Dunk High Supreme, Black with various colors, Mens. These are one of the many joints that are dropping that have been inspired by the Beijing Olympics.

Another joint that is inspired by the Beijing International Sporting Convention and Trade Show...aka....The Olympics. These have the USA colors with a Gold swoosh to represent the Gold Medals that the US Olympic teams often acquire. Werd.

We are getting two of the four out of this pack, which is being titled the "Pantone Mix Pack." We are getting the Blazer as well as the Court Force High. These are also, you guessed it, Olympically Inspired.

Check back with us on August 16th to find out pricing details as well as what other randoms that we may magically get.

Werd, Werd.

"Nikk The Intern"