Monday, November 30, 2009

CLASS at Bob's Classic Kicks

Moving Fresh t-shirt (white)

Richard Pryor had enough migrating misadventures to worry about moving his family cross-country... but CLASS adds a new dimension to his drama by flipping the movie poster for his 1988 classic "MOVING" so he's falling over carrying a stack of shoe boxes. And I mean, not to be a stickler, but should Pryor be rocking his high-top Staple Pigeon Dunks at a time like this? by Class.
-Price: $32.00

Leonard Meets Yeezy t-shirt (red)

Here's a Cosby Mystery for ya... How did Bill get his hands on the Air Yeezy's in 1987?! CLASS hook up a fresh throwback graphic featuring Bill Cosby from the "Leonard Part 6" movie poster, rocking his secret agent suit and glasses but remixed/updated so he's surrounded by shoe boxes and rocking some highly sought after kicks about 22 years early. Full color front print with a one color top back print of the CLASS logo. Get your hands on this soon-to-be classic. by Class.
-Price: $32.00

"If you live in Detroit, you can cop that CLASS at Bob's Classic Kicks!!! Yes, CLASS is official!!!" - Winston Brown

Class is currently available at Bob's Classic Kicks.