Watupdoe peeps, 

It's about that time for another "The Air Up There!" @ Bob's Classic Kicks! (4717 Woodward)!!!! Last month's BATTLE OF THE BANDS was dope as fuck (shoutout to CLEAR SOUL FORCES and DOC WAFFLES) and this month will most def be DOPER on SATURDAY JUNE 26 we will have NICK SPEED, QUIK KASH, DEVIN CLAYMORE, INSITE THE RIOT, TRU GREAT LAKERS, FRESHMEN, D.S. SENSE and The Air Up There's first outta towner K-VINCENT he's comin all thee way from CHICAGO!!!! (thats pretty dope) Doors OPEN @ 9pm SHOW STARTS @10pm-1am and LADIES IN FREE b4 11pm!!!!!!! So I hope to see you there.

Thee Coolest Loser,
Sheefy McFly!